Sep 8th, 2015

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DIY Cellulite Busting Body Scrub Recipe with Green Tea, Sugar, Clove and Pumpkin

organic pumpkin surrounded by leavesNobody likes the dimples in their thighs or buttocks known as cellulite, however there are things you can do to minimize the appearance of it as well as prevent more from forming.   No, I’m not talking about nasty cellulite creams that are ineffective…or worse harmful to your skin and body.  Instead, you can use fresh organic fruits, vegetables and herbs to help keep your skin looking smooth and youthful.

Fruits like Pumpkin (yes it’s a fruit), Pineapple, and Oranges along with veggies like Cucumbers, and Chili Peppers and herbs and spices like Green Tea and Clove can help enhance skin’s elasticity and promote healthy skin as well as a strong, fat free body.

These same foods can also be used topically to help provide the same effects to your skin to improve results even further.
To get you started here’s a fantastic, simple, vegan DIY body scrub recipe with green tea, raw sugar, and pumpkin just in time for the Holidays to make your skin look smooth, amazing, and cellulite free!
2 cups organic canned pumpkin   – enzyme exfoliates and stimulates new cell turnover
1/2 cup brewed/chilled organic green tea   – powerful antioxidant
1 cup organic raw sugar (larger grain)   – exfoliant and mechanical scrubbing agent
1/4 tsp  clove spice   – stimulates circulation and enhances fat metabolism

Mix the ingredients together adding more or less of the sugar or liquid depending on your preference. Using a large body brush, massage the cellulite with this concoction.  Simply perform this in the shower daily.  *Make sure to refrigerate the scrub and discard after 2-3 days and make fresh. 

In addition to the foods we eat and the skin care products we use, drinking a lot of water to flush impurities, eating a diet free of processed foods, and exercise are also essential in the battle against cellulite.  If you have a body filled with muscles as opposed to fat, you will have far less cellulite as well.

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