Dec 12th, 2022

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Liquid Nutrients – The Sevani Advanced Organic Skin Care Difference

Did you know you can treat your skin with liquid nutrients and save some money too? Well you can!

We knew that using a lot of products meant a lot of work so we developed the Sevani Skin Care line based on liquid nutrients and specialty serums that deliver small molecules deep within the cells vs. sitting on top!  Sure, creams may offer moisture and hydrate but thick ones are not the solution when treating specific skin conditions.

Benefits of Liquid Spray Facial Toners:

Some toners actually do more harm then good!  Most are developed to balance PH, or add water based moisture.  However, the uniquely developed Sevani’s Rose Hyaluronic Age Defying Tonique and Advanced Complexion Corrector are specially formulated to address anti-aging challenges along with specific skin conditions like age spots and wrinkles and contain synergistic blends of food based ingredients filled with nutrients, aloe, botanicals, probiotics and more to hydrate, balance, restore moisture AND minimize common skin challenges.

How To Use:
Option 1:  Mist directly onto the face and throat areas, making sure to include the decollete
Option 2: spray into palms and gently press or pat into your skin – at this time you may also add a few drops of your oil based serum as well!  It will assist with penetration!
Option 3: apply to a cotton pad, but why let that absorb your product when it’s meant for your skin?  We are always thinking of our consumers!
 Alternatively, you can use gauze, which will give a gentle exfoliation of the skin!  

 Super-Charged Serums:

Sevani Botanical Serums offer a small molecular structure, just like our liquid based nutrients, deliver nature’s goodness deep within the cells!  This makes layering your beauty products now a breeze!
Whether you select an oil or gel based serum your skin will absorb the potent nutrients and botanicals that it needs, without the need for thick, greasy or harmful ingredients.
With Sevani each and every product was developed with anti-aging and the most sensitive skin types in mind, so you can rest assured the product not only offers benefits but soothes and calms any skin type as well.

In addition ALL Sevani products utilize a base of pure plant organic botanicals instead of “water”, why would you pay for water when you get it for free?

And, of course, we avoid the use of all harmful, toxic ingredients to protect, preserve and nourish your skin while nourishing our precious planet.

And  THAT’s The Sevani Difference.