Apr 3rd, 2023

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Plant Based Nutrition – For Beauty & Health

The key to achieving healthy & radiant skin lies within.
Sher’s philosophy on skin centers on connecting our diet, environment and overall well-being for optimal anti-aging benefits.

Sher’s “Skintrition” Whole-Body-Beauty Plan is designed to address the root cause of skin issues, offering sustainable and holistic solutions from “within”.  Surface-level treatments address just that, the surface – and while effective in many cases, the whole body beauty within approach is designed to promote longevity and offset advanced-aging.

We can help you deciphering your food and beauty product labels to help you obtain your wellness and anti-aging goals!
This may include dietary modifications, supplement suggestions and service recommendations depending on your specific budget and concerns.  Sheryl has knowledge of all things nutrition, wellness, skin care, aromatherapy, hair loss, spa services as well as in depth knowledge of anti-inflammatory products and nutrients.  She is certified in plant-based nutrition from the prestigious Cornell edu. 

As your “virtual coach” we can make suggestions for beauty tools, products and ingredients for DIY procedures!  Just let us know your goals and we will take it from there.  You can also meet with us in person for a variety of services.  

You will have the option to meet with your coach once per week or once per month to assess progress and make changes accordingly.

Sher’s bio can be found here.
Simply click the contact button and we will get back to you with our plan options.