Aug 23rd, 2012

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Natural Beauty Ingredients to Look for When Treating Acne

Do you suffer from acne or unsightly blemishes?  Most of us do, at least from time to time.  Acne effects men, women, young and old – it can even come and go throughout your lifetime.  It doesn’t matter who you are, we all suffer from unwanted blemishes and the awful scars that sometimes result.


While proper nutrition, drinking lots of pure water, and engaging in daily exercise does assist in keeping skin clear it’s simply not enough.

As a Licensed Aesthetician, I know that acne must be tackled both internally AND externally.


Acne is often the result of genetics and hormonal changes (internal) which result in excess sebum (oil) production, decreased shedding of skin cells, inflammation, and, the presence of bacteria which thrives in this closed environment.  So what to do?  We need to exfoliate, regulate  the oil, and kill bacteria to minimize acne and inflammation.


To minimize acne and the excess oil, wash and treat your skin with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients  twice daily.  This helps cleanse pores and wash away the dirt, excess sebum, and bacteria.  Otherwise you’re asking for blemishes if prone to them –  and even if you’re not.


Some people “think” that you should wash more often or use alcohol or harsh cleansing agents but you can actually make the problem worse.  The oil from the skin is there to protect and nourish so when you use harsh drying agents or cleanse too often it sends a message to the oil glands to produce more.   Same thing with tanning, while you temporarily dry up the skin, you are actually making it worse in the long run.  Not to mention the risk of sun damage, skin cancer, and scarring.


You can make the most of your anti-acne routine by selecting skin care products with the right ingredients to treat and prevent acne.  Here is a list of ingredients to look for that are great at helping prevent and treat acne as well as minimize the appearance of any scars or blemishes you’ve already got.


Licorice Root

Licorice Root is wonderful for evening out the skin’s complexion and removing any appearance of discoloration or scarring created by acne.  It also protects skin tissue and offers anti-inflammatory properties.


Bulgarian Rose

Bulgarian Rose offers both anti inflammatory and tissue regeneration benefits to acne sufferers and reduces redness as well.  This is beneficial for healing current blemishes as well as treating any scars that may have occurred from previous acne infections.



Willowbark is an excellent natural remedy for acne.  It removes the dead skin cells that clog the pores,  reduces inflammation, smooths skin ABD minimizes pore size.  It’s also known as “nature’s aspirin” and is an excellent exfoliant.



Neem is an amazing skin care ingredient and is known in many places throughout the world for it’s many other benefits too.  One of the ways neem helps combat acne is that it boasts antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.  This makes it ideal for treating acne naturally and helping minimize blemishes at the same time.


Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

Vitamin B5 works to sooth and calm irritated skin and, it also reduces the appearance of red or inflamed skin.  These features make it another ingredient to look for in order to treat acne naturally.


In addition to looking for beauty formulas with these excellent natural acne fighting ingredients, it’s also important to select wax free skin care products in order to help further prevent clogged pores; among other benefits.


Any products you choose should also be gentle on your skin and not remove the beneficial oils your skin naturally produces.  This allows your skin to stay in balance and thereby helps prevent acne from forming in the first place.


To learn more about acne and how to keep your skin clear get in touch.  I’ve been a Licensed Aesthetician for over 25 years and I love to help people get to know their skin!  In order to facilitate that I offer complimentary 15 min consultations as well as longer sessions, workshops, and more along with my special line of fabulous skin care products designed to help treat blemishes and keep acne at bay naturally!


Don’t suffer from acne, get help and get your gorgeous skin back today!