May 7th, 2013

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Make Mother’s Day ScentSational this Year with the Help of Aromatherapy

This Mother’s Day give mom something that will support and nourish her all year long –


Aromatherapy is excellent for everyone, but, it can be particularly beneficial for moms.  Moms have a lot to balance each day, and, well, that can take it’s toll.  Helping mom relax and rejuvenate this Mother’s Day can be a welcome gift; and Aromatherapy with all natural essential oils can do just that.

To show you alstatue of mother and childl that Aromatherapy can give mom this Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at some essential oils that would be appropriate along with their properties.  A few scents to consider include -

Lavender (calming)

Rose (anti depressant)

Patchouli (aphrodisiac)

Ylang Ylang (sleep inducing)

Lemon (detoxifying)

Once you’ve selected the scents you’d like to use, you’ve got to, well, use them!

One of the easiest ways to help your mom enjoy all of the aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils  is by giving her a diffuser.  The essential oils you choose are put into the diffuser and gently heated in order to disperse the scent throughout the room.  Some diffusers use a simple candle to heat the oils, others use electricity; either way, mom will be able to easily use the essential oils you give her to create a therapeutic and healing environment on Mother’s Day; and any other day of the year as well!

Massage is another way to help mom enjoy Aromatherapy.  Many licensed massage therapists use essential oils in their preparations and a gift certificate for some massage therapy sessions, or a nice foot rub from you, could be just what mom needs.  Always remember though, any time you apply essential oils to your skin, they should always be used in a carrier oil like organic Jojoba, or Argan Oil as some EOs can be quite harsh when used alone.

In addition to diffusers and massage, using natural skin care products enhanced with essential oils and other organic botanicals, like Sevani, are another fantastic way to help mom enjoy the many benefits of aromatherapy.  Why use essential oils in skin care?  Essential oils, including all of those listed above, also provide benefits for your skin.  For example, Lavender is not only excellent for helping to calm and relmother playing with child fountainax, it’s also known for stimulating the growth of new skin cells.  This makes it ideal for healing skin conditions like acne and psoriasis as well as aiding mature skin, and reducing redness naturally.

In fact, aromatherapy and essential oils have been a large part of Sevani!  We enjoy using these and other essential oils in our natural beauty line both to impart all of these benefits to the skin as well as those aromatherapy will bring.  Plus they enable us to add a pleasing scent to our products that’s from completely natural sources only!

However you choose to treat mom to the myriad of benefits Aromatherapy can bring, we’re sure she’ll agree that Aromatherapy can help make Mother’s Day ScentSational – along with every day after that too!



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