Oct 2nd, 2013

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More Yoga for Beauty | The Best Yoga Poses for Overall Skin Health and Wellness

chair yoga pose

image from nationalhealthmag.com

One of the recommendations we always make to our clients on the search for healthy, youthful looking skin is to practice yoga regularly.  Yoga has been shown to have a variety of benefits for your body and some yoga poses can even improve your skin!

For example, Yoga has been shown to reduce stress – one of the leading causes of wrinkles.

The deep breathing you do during yoga increases the oxygenation of your cells – all your cells – including your skin cells, keeping them healthy and you looking your best!

Yoga also helps promote health and wellness by creating feelings of positivity and promoting a lifestyle of mindfulness; essential parts of inner beauty.  And, as we all know, it truly is what’s inside that counts!

So, to help get you into a regular yoga practice, here are some more yoga poses for beautiful skin and a healthy you!

Bharadvaja’s Twist – Seated Twist

Although very basic, the Seated Twist, or Bharadvaja’s Twist is a yoga pose known for indirectly promoting good skin health.  This twist is amazing for the digestive system, which in turn, literally feeds your skin.

This yoga pose can be done a variety of ways, but in each one you begin in a seated position.  Generally the right leg is bent while the left leg remains straight.  Then the right arm comes in front of the leg while you twist from your belly to place the left hand behind your body for support.  Hold for several deep breaths and keep the twist coming from the belly.  The seated twist yoga pose should then be done on the reverse side as well.

Utkatasana – Chair Pose

Utkatasana (pictured above) is a yoga pose that gets your blood pumping and good circulation is essential for naturally healthy skin.  The chair pose is exactly like it sounds; you sit down, but without a chair.  Then, raise your hands straight above you on either side of your head.  And remember, it should be uncomfortable – that’s how you know you’ve got it right!

Simhasana – Lion Pose

The deep breathing and accompanying stress relief that come with lion pose make it the perfect yoga pose for over all skin health and wellness.  Sit on your knees with your ankles crossed one over the other.  Place you hands on your lap with your fingers spread wide – like a cat showing off its big claws.  Then, open your mouth wide, look toward your forehead, breath in deeply, then exhale fully making the “ha” sound the entire time; just like your roaring!  Do this several times, then, cross your ankles the other way (so the bottom ankle is now on top) and repeat.


Other yoga poses for healthy and beautiful skin include those inverted poses like downward facing dog, as well as restorative yoga poses like child’s pose.

Try yoga today, or add these poses to the yoga sequence(s) you’re already doing and see how much a regular yoga practice can benefit your entire body, including overall skin health and wellness.