Jan 17th, 2014

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DIY Vegan Hair Masque Recipe with Organic Coconut Oil, Banana and Lemon

diy vegan hair masque recipeNo matter how we wear our hair or what type it is, it, along with our scalp, usually suffers a great deal for us on a regular basis!  From extra heat and hot air, to chemical procedures and ingredients, our hair truly takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

It’s time to say “THANK YOU!”

To do just that – here’s our special, DIY  vegan hair masque recipe that will undo all that damage and treat your beautiful hair and scalp to a relaxing, purifying, rejuvenating experience that will feed it from the inside out and keep it healthy and shiny even when you give it your worst the rest of the time.

Best of all – Each of the whopping 3 ingredients used in this recipe are likely right in your kitchen.

And, since it’s a vegan DIY recipe, and we’re a vegan company – there are absolutely no animal ingredients of any kind in any of our DIY recipes including this one!  NO honey NO yogurt – Just pure plant based goodness!


Sevani Natural Beauty’s DIY Vegan Hair Masque Recipe


1/2 C organic coconut oil  – More for longer hair, less for shorter.  Also – you can substitute olive oil if that’s what you have on hand.

1 RIPE organic banana mashed – Like nice and brown – not a bright green/yellow – bananas become more nutritious the browner they get – not rotten – just yellow/brown.

Juice of 1 organic lemon – Preferably fresh – but lemon juice will do.



Combine organic coconut oil, mashed banana, and lemon juice.

To be sure you get a thorough application divide hair into a few sections.  For each section apply a bit of the organic coconut oil mixture starting at your scalp.  Then smooth it down the hair shaft.  Be sure to apply liberally.

Now, leave the most important step of this Vegan DIY hair masque recipe is to leave it on for a bit.  You can put on a shower cap if you have one or just lightly tie your hair into a loose bun.  Then leave the masque on as long as you can – 15 minutes at a minimum.  The longer you leave it on the longer these beneficial organic ingredients have to work their magic! 

Then rinse your hair and shampoo/condition as normal.


This hair masque is something that you ought to do for your hair each week at least, the more the better!  Each time you’ll renew your hair and scalp and better prepare it to face the harsh life we all force our hair to lead!