May 8th, 2012

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Sevani’s Top 10 Natural Beauty and Lifestyle Tips

woman at spa for top ten natural beauty tipsHere at Sevani we have some natural beauty tips and tricks we follow that make greening your skin care routine (and even your lifestyle) easier.  This way, you not only get amazing skin but, you don’t have to damage the earth or our animal friends to get it either!

We hope you enjoy our top ten natural beauty tips and, as always, if you have questions just leave us a comment or contact us at  We’re always happy to help!


1. Incorporate Raw, Organic Fruits and Veggies Into Your Diet

Eat a salad a day.  Enjoy a special drink like our beauty smoothie as your new breakfast, or, find another way that works for you to incorporate fresh organic fruits and veggies into your diet.  It’s been proven that the more raw organic foods you eat the more your body can take advantage of all the benefits these foods offer resulting in a healthier overall body – including your skin!

2. Choose Only Certified Cruelty Free Products

With the news a few weeks ago that many major beauty brands thought to have previously ceased animal testing in order to sell in China it makes it even more important to choose cruelty free products than ever before.  There is no reason for animal testing and you should never support a company with your hard earned money that tests its products and/or ingredients on our animal brothers and sisters.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose Packaging

And, choose products and companies, like Sevani, that make this easy for you.  Afterall, we chose amber glass as the packaging method for our natural beauty products in part because of how easy it is to repurpose, reuse, and recycle.  Yes, glass is easier to recyle and uses less chemicals to create!

4. Consider Vegan Diets

The vegan diet has been proven to help improve health and wellness in many ways, including reducing hormonal acne challenges and more.  Even reducing the amount of high fat dairy you eat for example can make a big difference in the appearance of your skin if you’re not ready to go totally vegan.   Vegan beauty products, clothing, shoes, and more are important to consider as well.

5. Natural Sources For Ingredients Are More Powerful And Earth Friendly

Utilize naturally sourced ingredients such as mushroom derived Hyaluronic Acid or Goji Berries for Vitamin C.  You’ll find these natural ingredients offer many more benefits for your skin and, are more easily absorbed and utilized by your body than their chemically derived counter parts.  Plus, your kin Absorbs Everything so consider that as well when you’re reading that ingredient list.

6. Don’t Worry Be Happy

Positive outlook = less stress and increased inner peace =healthy glow.  Seems so simple doesn’t it – but it’s true, it works and, it just feels better!  So, don’t worry, be happy and naturally beautiful.

7. Avoid Chemical Fragrances

Chemical fragrances are in many different personal care and beauty products but, they’re not required to inform you what these “fragrances” even are.  Generally, they’re generated by chemicals, and, as we said, natural is better – this goes for fragrances too.  Aromatherapy and essential oils are much safer and actually beneficial fragrances.

So, just because a product has a scent doesn’t mean it’s “bad” but, be sure to read the label to find out what is making that smell.  Most companies, like Sevani, that use only essential oils and plant extracts that end up giving the products their scents are happy to disclose exactly what is making those smells, whereas those products based on chemical fragrances will often just be labeled with “fragrance” or even “natural fragrance”.

8. Use Natural Cleaning Products

What do cleaning products have to do with natural beauty? A LOT!  When you clean, even if you’re using rubber gloves, your skin, particularly that on your face, is exposed to the mist and off sprays of the products you’re using.  Chose natural products to protect your skin and the earth!

9. Exercise Regularly

Feeling down, get moving.  Whether you enjoy Gardening, hiking, walking the dog, kayaking, yoga, swimming, or just goofing around with the kids in the yard, when you get outside and exercise it improves mood.  Plus exercise whether indoors or out is essential for healthy skin.

10. Enjoy Daily Meditation For Inner And Outer Beauty

Bringing daily meditation into your routine will not only give you amazing natural beauty benefits, but, your entire mind, body and soul will thank you.  Feeling like you can’t fit one more thing into your hectic day?  Even if you meditate for just 15 min a day you’ll reap these rewards!


While adopting all ten of these natural beauty tips would be ideal, following even some of these tips will help you reduce toxins both in your own body as well as in the earth, save innocent animals, and minimize the impact keeping your skin looking great has on the earth.  Start today and make a difference tomorrow!